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August, 2018
"Hi! Are you guys kissing here?"

We started back in August, 2018 at our old company. Just landed, Affef said that... I still don't know why but it was the friendly crush! 3 months later, we already book our Greece vacations for our 1st trip together.

July, 2021
A new chapter in our life

After several years of work in a food laboratory, we decided to leave our job to start a new adventure. A last joke to our colleagues, a last picture in our office, surely the place where we had the most laughs... Now it's up to us to write our own story.

November, 2021

Project launched ! The first day of the rest of our life. We drink together to celebrate our progress (yes it is just an argument to go to the restaurant ...😂)😂)

December, 2021
First tests

We set up our laboratory to test our first formulations. We optimize, develop until we find the perfect match.

April, 2022
Lab in progress

We look for not transformated raw materials, natural, virgin or raw, organic... After weeks of email exchanges, we select the best suppliers. Let's order for the production ! 

We also work on the packaging of our future products. We want them to be ecological, practical, but above all with a fresh design.

Décembre 2022
Website launched ! 🥳

Date which will remain a long time engraved in our memories, we spent a lot of time to realize this website ourselves! And until the last moment we will have them small frights. 😅

Date qui va rester longtemps gravée dans nos mémoires, on a passé beaucoup de temps à réaliser ce site internet nous-même ! Et jusqu'au dernier moment on aura eux des petites frayeurs. 😅

To celebrate the opening of the website just before the Christmas holidays, our logo was dressed in its most beautiful cap.🎅



Affef, curly hair that just wants to be pampered. 😎 Addicted to travel and good food, background in pharmaceutical and food R&D ... You tell me why Be Fresh & Bio? 🤷♀️

A few years ago, I was looking for a natural routine for my mane. With the advice of our elders and a lot of research, I finally understood and tamed my hair (stay connected for a new circus act). My first steps in natural cosmetics! 🌱

Here I am as a young woman and ready to discover the world in a backpack. 14 trips across the continents 🌍, I quickly end up facing the problems of the traveler: having to choose between leaving with my bulky cosmetics or the culinary specialties of the country, but also having too many liquid products... RIP the bottles abandoned at the boarding gates!

At the same time, several years spent in a research laboratory,👩🔬 I become aware that the weird names of the reagents I use in my tests are also in the list of ingredients of the beauty products I apply to myself daily and are the same ones that pollute our planet ... Grrr not cool all that ! Entrepreneurship had been lurking in the back of my mind for years, but it took a meeting, a timing and a common project to make the magic happen. Here we are, Babou and I in this crazy adventure. 🙌



Hi ! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Moi c’est Barbara, enfin Babou parce qu’en réalité on m’a toujours appelée comme ça. J’ai grandi à côté de Toulouse (la belle ville rose à l’accent chantant).

Pendant 6 ans j’ai travaillé dans les biotechnologies, en production et en R&D, ce qui m’a rendue très « moultitâches 👩‍🦰 ». Et c’est aussi là que nous nous sommes rencontrées avec Affef, très rapidement nous sommes devenues le binôme de choc !

First containment, first click. I wanted to see something else! Perhaps even to change continents in search of adventure. A somewhat hazy period for me but which ended up bearing fruit. One day, while showering, I realized that my bathroom was literally invaded by plastic! 😱 There is panic on board, it is no longer possible. I decide to remove all products with an endless list of ingredients and surrounded by plastic. Months and months of testing followed to find my new green & organic routine. ☘️

Avec mon entourage, on échangeait beaucoup à ce sujet et c’était génial de voir que je n’étais pas la seule dans cette démarche plus verte. Puis un jour, cette phrase d’Affef « T’as pas envie de monter ta propre boîte dans ce domaine ? On peut le faire ensemble ».

Let's go! 🔥 2021: Are we jumping? Yes, together! 🤝

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