The 4 commitments of Be Fresh & Bio

A zero waste lifestyle

From the beginning, we have always been committed to offering you a zero waste beauty/wellness routine. This is why all our products are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard.

Our solid cosmetics are formulated from natural and organic ingredients, manufactured by ourselves in our laboratory in the south of France. Our accessories are made from sustainable materials, recyclable and of course manufactured in France to reduce the environmental impact of transportation.

Efficient and "clean" cosmetics

Thanks to our work in research and development, we have selected the best suppliers of our raw materials according to their origin, their nature (virgin/raw), their manufacture, without ingredients of animal origin ... This allows us to develop the best formulations for effective cosmetics, healthy for you and without impact on the environment.

Our ingredients are also selected according to their virtues, based on demanding criteria. We do our utmost to ensure that our ingredients are grown and manufactured nearby.

Quality at reasonable prices

While talking around us, we quickly realized that there were prejudices about solid cosmetics. As if it were intended for a single category of person. Today, being a committed brand does not mean that prices have to be exorbitant.

No, cosmetics are not more expensive than your big box shower gel bottle. In solid cosmetics, you will consume less product than a classic shower gel. Your soap will last much longer.

Plus, our products are good for your wallet! You will be able to make real savings just by changing the care of your bathroom. Good for the planet and good for the wallet, the perfect deal!

On passe au solide !

Be Fresh & Bio a French company

When we realized that our cosmetics in supermarkets were filled with carcinogenic or endocrine disrupting products, in non-reusable plastic bottles, which for the most part will not be recycled, it was the trigger. We quickly wanted to make our own cosmetics in a solid version to get rid of any plastic packaging. 

So we created our production laboratory which is located in Nîmes in the south of France. This is where we handcraft all of our solid cosmetics. ☀️ 🦩☀️

The impact on the environment

Solid products Be Fresh & Bio

Short formula with – 15 ingredients
100 % recyclable
1 solid product = 2 or 3 plastic bottles
Small format, low carbon footprint
Free of sulfates, endocrine disruptors and oil palm
Made in France

Product in plastic bottle

Long formula with more than 30 ingredients
Presence of microplastics
1 bottle = up to 100 years to decompose
Large format, high carbon footprint
Contains controversial molecules

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