Magnetic soap holder

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Wingardium Leviosaaa 🧙‍♂️

Do your solid products melt too quickly, break or soften? Adopt the Magnetic Soap Dish, it will be your best ally! In addition to being minimalist and very aesthetic in your bathroom, it will allow you to better preserve your solid products. A great idea to customize your bathroom with all our Be Fresh & Bio☀️

So what do we think of this genius idea?


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What are the benefits?
  • Easy to install, you just need a smooth surface
  • Keeps your solid products longer
  • Reusable as much as you like
  • It supports a weight of up to 200 g
  • Dress up your bathroom, for a relentless style!
How does it work? 🔧

1 min top time to install⏳

  • Moisten the suction cup, as well as the area of your bathroom where you want to place it
  • Attaching the suction cup
  • Push the cap into the soap
  • All you have to do is attach your soap to the magnet and you're done! We told you it was magic ✨
  • A suction cup containing a powerful magnet and a capsule to push into the soap
  • A neodymium magnet with rustproof epoxy sealing
  • A stainless steel capsule

We can also call it the minimum wage 🙌

Made in France
  • The capsule, the magnet and the suction cup are manufactured by a French company
  • Company that supports the social and solidarity economy
  • Assistance for the integration of disabled workers

L’emballage est 100 % recyclable, jetez-le dans la poubelle de tri ! ♻

The cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable, throw it in the recycling garbage can!

Avis Clients

8 reviews for Porte-Savon Aimanté

  1. Jessica

    Très pratique pour préserver son savon de l’humidité.

  2. Amandine

    Finis les savons qui traînent et qui fondent comme neige au soleil ! L’avantage, je le mets où je veux.

  3. Sylvie

    Belle découverte ce porte savon!
    Non seulement la conservation du savon est optimale mais en plus le look est réussit. Plus de savon qui dégouline et encrasse la douche. JE RECOMMANDE!

  4. Lilou

    Super en plus esthétique dans ma douche♥️

  5. Lucas

    Porte-savon génial ! La ventouse tient parfaitement, de même pour le savon qui s’y fixe dessus ! Super pratique, j’adore

  6. Perrin

    Tout simplement indispensable et terriblement efficace.

  7. Juliette

    Indispensable dans une salle de bain. Finis le savon qui traîne..

  8. Perrin

    Obligé d’en acheter 3 pour mes 3 savons : gommage, corps et visage ! C’est top, pas de savons qui traine parterre.

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Soap in the air !

Soft soaps on the edge of the bathtub or at the bottom of the shower will soon be a thing of the past! With the Magnetic Soap Dish, you can attach all your products to dry them in no time.

In addition to keeping your products longer, it will fit your shower or sink like a glove! (yes, we know all about puns 😂).

With its stainless steel design, eco-designed, repositionable and infinitely reusable, it will give an original touch to your bathroom for a guaranteed whaouuu effect. 🤩

And if you want even more fun, you can always improvise a game of darts in the shower with our soap dishes!


The suction cup does not hold well, what can I do?

Before attaching the suction cup, be sure to clean the surface thoroughly. We advise you to use white vinegar and a clean cloth to remove the lime scale. Once the surface is clean, you only have to moisten your previously cleaned surface and your suction cup with clear water, then fix it. 

How do I maintain my magnetic soap dish?

At the end of the use of a solid product, do not hesitate to remove the residues in the capsule. You can also wash the whole soap dish (cap + magnet + suction cup) with white vinegar. It will shine again!

Have you really tried playing darts with it?

We will not answer this question 😂

On what surface can it be fixed?

It needs a smooth surface, so it will not be suitable for surfaces such as mosaic, stone or wood.

The ideal surface is a tile or a shower glass, a mirror... You can choose to position your products vertically or horizontally

What types of cosmetics is it compatible with?

It is universal and therefore suitable for all solid cosmetics in your bathroom 🥳

Is the suction cup made of plastic?

The suction cup is made of PVC, but it will last over time. We don't use single-use plastic !


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